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Are you looking for a Grand Coteau screen printing company that can get your designs printed flawlessly in your chosen textile? If that’s a yes, Louisiana Sign Company has your back with its full-service screen printing service.

Grand Coteau Screen Printing Festivals Screen Print Test scaled 1 177x300Screen printing makes it easier for businesses to get their designs quickly printed on fabrics and unique substrates that they can use for their marketing, promotions, and product lineup. When done correctly, the screen-printed design is consistent with its digital design without any smudges or other flaws. It should also last a long time, even if the printed material is constantly used or exposed to chemicals and intense sunlight.

Louisiana Sign Company offers a stress-free, complete screen printing service that you can avail of, whether it is for a business function or a personal one. We use only the best screen printers in the market to allow us to print on any type of textile or material and print even the most complex patterns without fail on the theme. Our attention to detail guarantees that you will get the best screen prints for your business or personal needs whenever you need them.

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Types of Screen Printing Application

Screen printing involves laying down the design you intend to “print” using a special film on your chosen substrate and printing the design down to transfer the image. The printed image will have a matte or smooth surface, and every detail of the design will be visible.

Grand Coteau Screen Printing AHS Player Package 300x272Louisiana Sign Company can show you how the screen printing process is done, so you know what to expect once you are handed the final product. We also offer additional services such as graphic design, project management, mailing, and other printing services that will give you print materials that deliver a cohesive message so people will know you are consistent with your brand and offerings.

Here are some of the most common screen printing applications you can ask our team at Louisiana Sign Company:

Apparel and T-Shirt Printing

Apparel and T-shirt printing is the most popular screen printing service we offer to our clients. For these projects, we use T-shirts and apparel made from various textiles to serve as the base of the screen prints and get it done to suit what it is they are going to be used for, whether as a work uniform, promotional item for events, or as one of your products.

To guarantee that the screen print does not fade or wear out easily, we use the latest emulsion techniques and inks for each project. We also double-check the quality of fabric to see if it will work well with the screen printing process.

Large Format Printing

Our screen printing services also work well for large-scale prints such as posters, banners, and other similar substrates. It can also work well for bulk orders as screen printing makes it easier to print designs on any substrate.

If the large format and bulk prints are the ones you need, we can help you with its design, pick the right substrates and get the print installed in key areas that will help it make the most impact.

Custom Screen Printing Company Near Me

Every business requires a great partner to help them with their operations, especially for things they cannot handle on top of their business operations. For prints, you can definitely trust Louisiana Sign Company as your Grand Coteau printing company of choice.

Our services have earned much praise from businesses and even private individuals who require prints for their events and activities. Many say that our services are best because we take our time to get to know each project so we can deliver only the best prints and additional services without going over their budget and achieve the quality they are hoping for. Our team can even handle custom designs that don’t match traditional dimensions and print formats.

We are also highly rated for our openness in negotiating our prices, as well as doing bulk print orders when needed. It is always our goal to provide you with the right solutions for your printing needs and make sure you get what you paid for and more!

Best Screen Printer in Grand Coteau

Need your screen prints on time and within your budget? Louisiana Sign Company can handle it with no problem at all.

Grapevine Screen Printing istockphoto 1307052468 612x612 1 300x200Whether you are an individual or a business looking for high-quality screen prints, you can trust our team to deliver them on time and reduce the stress you may feel about getting a printing company to do your project. We have everything needed to do screen prints, from the team, equipment to the substrates to match the intended purpose, ready in-house, allowing us to get your project underway immediately after you approve the draft for the design for your prints and the quote for our services.

For our Grand Coteau screen printing service, we use UV-resistant ink to protect the screen prints from damage. We also use the latest screen printing techniques and equipment to screen print your designs perfectly, and since we handle everything, you don’t have to worry about outsourcing certain parts of the printing project, like getting the substrates or ink needed for the prints.

We also offer the following printing services at Louisiana Sign Company:

  • Embroidery
  • Custom Door or Desk Mats
  • Window Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Wide-format printing

Let our team know what you are looking for in your prints, and we will deliver them to you as fast as possible without any lapses in their quality.

Choose Grand Coteau, LA Screen Printing Now!

Whether you are looking for print material to call people to action or showcase your appreciation, there will always be a print option perfect for your needs and printing companies to choose from. But, if you want someone you can trust for every print option available and deliver it to you with your exacting standards and budget, you won’t go wrong with Louisiana Sign Company.

Our Grand Coteau screen printing service is one of the best in the industry for high-quality screen prints that suit any purpose or event. We will immediately customize our service to match your vision and deliver the screenprints exactly as you want them, regardless of their complexity and budget. When you receive the final product, the quality is excellent and improves the way people see your brand.

We are ready to take on any screen printing request, even rushed and bulk orders. Simply contact our team about it, and we will get them printed for you.

Free Consultation Today

Grand Coteau Screen Printing louisiana logoPrints on your work uniforms, clothing merchandise, and other related items should not fade easily if you want them to promote your brand and content for others to see. Louisiana Sign Company can help you get these prints done correctly by our screen printing experts and deliver them to you within your set schedule. No matter what patterns or designs you want us to print on your chosen textile, trust us! We will get them done perfectly without blowing your budget or affecting your plans.

Learn more about our screen printing service, as well as our other printing services, through our free consultation service. One of our printing experts will be assigned to check your request and get you started on those dream prints that can help you reach your goals.

Call Louisiana Sign Company at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Grand Coteau Screen Printing expert!