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Do you want to bind your documents into a long-lasting, professional-looking bundle? Do you have multi-page marketing materials that you need to secure and keep looking at their best? If yes, you will love our premium Krotz Springs binding services.

Jacksonville Binding Services brochures binding cnLouisiana Sign Company has an expert team dedicated to binding all types of documents in the most appealing and durable way. We have mastered all binding techniques, so we are confident that we can satisfy every client, regardless of the look and functionality that they prefer.

No matter how many pages you want us to bind, which side you want it to open, what material you want us to use, or how much your budget is, our binding service will be tailored to guarantee your satisfaction. We will even help you choose which binding method is best for your specific printed material.

And the best news? Our binding services come at reasonable rates so you can impress your recipients with durable, eye-catching printables without breaking the bank!

Call Louisiana Sign Company at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Krotz Springs Binding Services expert!

Vast Options for Binding Styles

Louisiana Sign Company is a proud one-stop print shop that boasts of its high-quality products and efficient services. And just like how we offer every type of printed material you may need for personal and commercial uses, we can also perform all kinds of binding techniques.

From flat-laying documents to firmly binding pages that you can open upwards, we know how to meet your expectations while staying within your budget.

Some of the most in-demand styles from our Krotz Springs binding services are the following:


If you have less than 100 pages in need of binding, saddle stitching is a method that could make your document stay flat once they’re opened. In saddle-stitched binding, an industrial staple will be used on one side, depending on where you want your pages to be opened.

Most start-ups and medium-sized businesses prefer this binding method. Saddle stitching is durable and budget-friendly, ideal for completing small compilations such as booklets, catalogs, and periodicals.

Spiral Bound and Wire-O Bound

Jacksonville Binding Services pexels tirachard kumtanom 733852 scaled e1618866286331 300x171These two methods are arguably the most popular among clients who want flat-laying books or documents. They are essentially the same binding processes, except for the material used in either of them.

With spiral binding, your pages will have a single row of punched holes where a plastic coil will be looped through. You are free to choose which side you want to be the spine of your document and what color of the plastic coil will best complement your branding image.

On the other hand, wire coils are used in wire-o binding instead of plastic ones. The same binding process applies, but since wires are more durable than plastic, wire-o binding might be the better choice if you have more pages to bind or simply want a longer-lasting compilation.

Perfect Binding

Jacksonville Binding Services pexels stas knop 3760323 scaled e1618866318859 300x163If you want that balance between looks and durability, but you don’t want to spend too much either, the perfect binding method will be good for you. As long as one compilation is thicker than 4mm, this style can bind together as many pages as you want. However, saddle-stitch binding is still better if your pages are less than 4mm thick in total.

In this binding style, your pages will be glued together before a cover is attached to the spine, effectively wrapping your sheets together. Your book will then have a flat spine that could be used for printing minimal texts.

Stapled Books

This is probably the most simple, easy way of binding your papers together. If you only have a few sheets in need of binding—like with newsletters, short reports, or informational booklets—this can do the job without costing too much.

If you need help choosing the best binding method for your documents, or if you want another binding style that wasn’t mentioned in the list above, call Louisiana Sign Company right away. We can guide you through all your options and help you find the most suitable technique based on your budget, number of pages, and desired look.

Full-Service Printing Company

As an all-around print shop, Louisiana Sign Company is fully equipped to offer more than our professional Krotz Springs binding services. If your project concerns printed materials, we can do it for you. Included in what we offer are copying, graphic designing, and mailing services, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

Jacksonville Binding Services commercial printing binding cnFrom wide-format banners to handy postcards and small business cards, we can produce everything you need either through digital or offset printing. We have access to high-quality paper stocks and other printing substrates, so rest assured that you will receive impressive yet cost-effective products if you work with us.

Included in the services and printables that we provide are:

1. Graphic design

2. Black and white or colored printing

3. Digital Printing

4. Business cards

5. Envelopes and letterheads

6. Mailing services

7. Product brochures

8. Forms

9. Flyers

10. Postcards

11. Banners

12. Calendars

13. Promotional items

If you need a reliable printing company, you can trust Louisiana Sign Company to deliver results that could exceed your expectations. Regardless of how tight your schedule is or how much budget you can allocate, we can effectively customize our service to meet your needs.

Free Consultation Today

Krotz Springs Binding Services louisiana logoWhether it’s for your marketing materials or essential business documents, our high-quality binding service will be worthwhile. Our Krotz Springs, LA print company will work in a quick and meticulous manner, ensuring that your pages will be secured in an appealing way within the shortest time possible.

Don’t risk losing your documents or presenting a poor-looking report again. Hand out professional-looking papers and easy-to-read marketing materials to your prospects and clients with the help of our binding experts today.

Call Louisiana Sign Company at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Krotz Springs Binding Services expert!