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Lighted Signs
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White Castle Lighted Signs

Having attractive, professional signage may not be enough to increase your customer engagement and average sales.

custom illuminated channel lettersIf you want to truly outshine your competitors and make your business visible at night or even 24/7, we offer all kinds of White Castle lighted signs to help with this specific goal.

Louisiana Sign Company can expertly design, fabricate, and install every custom lighted sign that will fit any budget range, brand image, and design preference.

The materials we use all have a premium quality that will make your signage as durable and attractive as possible with the budget you can spare.

Whether you need lighted signs for outdoor or indoor uses, our skills and equipment are enough to guarantee long-lasting, attractive signage in the most budget-friendly and time-efficient way.

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Traditional Neon Signs

Neon signs have a retro vibe that a lot of people find charming, making your establishment more visible and attractive at night. Unfortunately, traditional neon signs come at a higher purchase cost and a bigger maintenance bill. They generally don’t have a good impact on the environment as well.

custom neon signThat’s why if you work with Louisiana Sign Company, we’ll make sure to offer you a better alternative—our high-quality LED signs!

These are thin, flexible polymer tubes that we can customize into any shape you want. Just like traditional neon signs, you can bend them into any logo, letter, number, or symbol and have that same classic neon charm that your potential customers will find appealing.

What makes them better is the fact that LED signs are cheaper to purchase and have lesser energy consumption compared to neon. They are also safer for the environment, which makes it not at all surprising that LED signs are one of our best-selling White Castle, LA lighted signs.

Lighted LED Signs

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel LettersAside from LED tubes, we also offer LED illuminated signage. The most popular are cabinet signs and channel letters equipped with LED lighting, although other types of business signs can be illuminated with LED as well.

All these are highly effective in attracting customers and keeping your business visible regardless of the time of day.

Our LED lighted signs are definitely worth the investment if your business operates 24/7 or only opens at nighttime. They are ideal for bars, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, theaters, hotels, and all other establishments looking for improved visibility.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Our White Castle lighted signs can be customized in various ways depending on your goal, making them highly beneficial not only for your storefront but also for your interior signage goals. They can be effective tools in strengthening your promotions and encouraging customers to make purchases.

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignIndoor lighted signs can also improve the appeal of your place and give your business a charm that will set you apart from the rest of your competitors. You can have them in the form of LED polymer tubes that you can bend into any artistic design possible, adding more personality to your interior or simply displaying your business name or logo in the lobby.

Moreover, indoor lighted signs are commonly used as wayfinding tools. They can label your bathrooms, order/pick-up stations, check-out counters, and exit points.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Including in the more popular lighted signs that Louisiana Sign Company provides are programmable digital message centers. They are not only cost-efficient but are also effective in appealing to younger generations. And if you style them right, they can also attract as much attention as possible, even on busy streets.

Dairy Queen Pylon SignWhat makes them the top pick for most establishments, however, is the convenience they provide in updating messages. You can easily change your display for product offerings, prices, special offers, and any other advertising message that you want to get across.

Our digital message centers have LED screens that can have either monocolored or full-color displays. You can also choose whether you want your message center to be installed as a standalone sign or as a part of other signage, like monument signs and pole signs.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

The meticulousness of our work is made even better by the quality of the materials we use when it comes to designing, fabricating, and installing all kinds of custom business signs. Louisiana Sign Company is skilled in tailoring every signage not only for your specific brand image but also for budget and particular signage purposes.

White Castle Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225We always ensure that we deliver White Castle lighted signs and every other signage you may need in a timely and satisfactory manner. You will have the last say in every detail your signage will have, allowing you to choose the best material and dimensions and make other decisions as you discuss your options with our sign experts.

Rest assured, all the signage we provide has the highest quality possible within your budget range. Our LED lighted signs, for one, are guaranteed to flawlessly function for a long time—giving your establishment the visibility and attractiveness that it needs for maximum customer traffic and engagement.

Whether you need lighted signs for indoor or outdoor purposes, Louisiana Sign Company ensures that every detail will be customized to best represent your brand image and magnify your marketing results.

Free Lighted Sign Consultation

White Castle Lighted Signs louisiana logoMake your storefront impossible to miss with our attractive and long-lasting White Castle lighted signs. We can help you not only in outshining your competitors but also in saving money by investing in our dynamic and durable digital displays.

From the exterior to the interior of your building, trust that we have all kinds of customized lighted signs that will make your establishment the top pick of your potential customers!

Call Louisiana Sign Company now at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a White Castle Lighted Sign expert!