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Broussard LED Signs


If your goal is to attract more customers, having that retro neon vibe on your storefront will definitely help, especially if you operate at night. However, the cost of purchasing and maintaining neon signs, as well as their negative impact on the environment, are not really good for business.

custom lighted storefront sign

Fortunately, Louisiana Sign Company offers a better alternative—our attractive, versatile, and durable Broussard LED signs!

They come in various types and can be utilized for either indoor or outdoor sign purposes. We can provide you with LED digital displays, flexible LED tubes (which look like classic neon signs), and LED-illuminated traditional signs, like channel letters and cabinet signs.

Regardless of what type of LED sign you’ll choose, we can skillfully customize them to fit your budget and brand image while ensuring their marketing effectiveness. From the design to the fabrication and installation, you can trust our LED sign experts to give you an efficient service that saves you both time and money.

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Indoor LED Signs

Apart from their usual outdoor uses, our Broussard LED signs can also be fabricated to serve various indoor signage purposes, typically for improving workflow and customer experience. You can install them as wayfinding tools, additional interior decoration, and indoor advertising tools that can encourage more impulse purchases.

backlit lobby signThe LED tubes, which look so much like classic neon signs, are flexible tubes that we can bend into any shape that you want. They’re commonly used as “OPEN” signs or to showcase your business name by the lobby or counter. You can also use them to label exit points, bathrooms, and the different stations/sections in your building.

Or, if you like to be more creative, we can bend them into attractive images, quotes, and other aesthetical elements you can add to your interior.
LED tubes are cheaper compared to real neon signs, and they’re also safer. They have a reduced impact on the environment and don’t exude heat, allowing you to install them in lower places where people may/can touch them.

Additionally, LED displays and other LED-illuminated signage can be used for your interior marketing schemes. Just talk to our LED sign experts so we can customize the best indoor signage for your business.

Programmable LED Message Centers

A lot of businesses favor programmable LED message centers since they are cost-effective, eliminating the cost of constantly changing signage for different advertising messages. With just a computer, you can easily update the texts and images that your message centers will show, allowing you to conveniently promote new products or events.

Broussard LED Signs custom lighted led pole pylon sign 300x225Aside from saving time, this type of Broussard LED sign will give you substantial money savings; you won’t need to constantly buy new signage whenever you have something new to offer or an event to promote. This also allows you to easily change displays whenever your products have price changes.

You can use these LED message centers as standalone signs, or you can install them on other existing signage structures, like monument signs and pole signs. And apart from their size, you can further customize their displays to be either monocolored or full-colored.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

Louisiana Sign Company is a trusted signage provider that is fully equipped and highly experienced in skillfully designing, manufacturing, and installing any of your needed lighted business signs.

lighted sign repair and installWe have classic-looking LED tubes, modern LED displays and message centers, and LED-illuminated signage, among many others.

Our professional signage makers are equipped with all the necessary tools to provide safe, meticulous, and efficient designing, manufacturing, and installation services. We guarantee that we’ll meet your needs and satisfy all your expectations, from the attractiveness of your signage to the durability of the material we’ll use.

Should you decide to work with us, you can rest assured that you will have customized Broussard LED signs that fit within your budget and will be delivered on or before your specified date.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Broussard LED Signs louisiana logoVisibility goes a long way in attracting customers 24/7. And if you top that with a classic neon vibe without spending too much on the signage purchase and maintenance, you can increase your daily traffic and average ticket with ease.

The good news is that you can achieve all these with our custom Broussard LED signs. From your storefront to your interior, we have all kinds of illuminated signage to make your business more appealing to potential customers.

You won’t even have to worry about these signs’ effects on the environment and the utility bill they will give you. So if you want to outshine your competition in the most cost-effective way, discuss your signage needs with our LED sign experts today!

Call Louisiana Sign Company today at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Broussard LED Sign expert!