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Channel Letters
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Ventress Channel Letters


You can impress your potential customers and gain more traffic using attractive and professional-looking signage. And the good news is that our customized Ventress channel letters are perfect for this purpose!

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Louisiana Sign Company has been a leading name in the signage-making industry, providing custom business signs for establishments. From small start-up businesses to large companies and non-profit organizations, your specific brand image will be captured by our versatile channel letters.

These 3D signage elements can be cut into any shape, letter, number, or symbol that you want. They are available in different materials, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget. You can also have it installed directly in your building for maximum attraction or by using sturdy raceways for an easier installation process.

Whether you need indoor or outdoor business signs, we can design, fabricate, and install eye-catching, durable channel letters for you.

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Storefront Channel Letters

The attractiveness and durability of channel letters made them as popular as storefront signs. With their individually cut 3D signage elements, they can give your company name, logo, and slogan a more visible, eye-catching look. They can also be conveniently illuminated for nighttime or 24/7 advertising.

Custom Channel Letter SignLouisiana Sign Company can customize your Ventress, LA channel letters to match your brand colors and have the appropriate size for the available space in their designated installation area. We will also help you choose the signage material that will best endure the environmental condition around your building, making your channel letters a long-lasting, worthwhile investment.

If you want the more attractive option, installing your channel letters directly on your building will be best. If you’re after a less time-consuming choice, we can also install your storefront channel letters using a raceway. Either way, our signage can increase visibility and, consequently, your customer traffic and average ticket.

Channel letters are worthwhile marketing investments for any establishment wanting a professional-looking storefront that will attract and impress its target market. From start-up businesses to government buildings, every building will improve its appeal with our versatile channel letters.

Dimensional Letters

Practically similar to channel letters, dimensional letters are only different due to their solid structure. They don’t have hollow channels that can be incorporated with lighting. Instead, you will have to illuminate dimensional letters in different ways, typically by using LED backlighting or face-lit translucent acrylic faces.

Storefront SignLike channel letters, dimensional letters can also be easily customized to be shaped into any letter, number, symbol, or image with your chosen size and thickness. You also have various material choices depending on your budget and preferred look, including acrylic, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, Cor-Ten steel, foam, metal, plastic, and stainless steel.

Dimensional letters are also suitable for any establishment that needs quality indoor and outdoor signs. They can be used as attractive storefront or lobby signs for offices, restaurants, retail stores, and other buildings.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

All of our Ventress channel letters are fabricated by world-class craftsmen using high-grade materials, so you can always ensure that your signage will be appealing and durable. But more importantly, you have numerous illumination options so you can maximize the attraction and visibility that your channel letters will have.

Lighted SignLouisiana Sign Company offers front-lit channel letters, halo-lit channel letters, open-lit channel letters, and a combination of front- and back-lit channel letters. We can help you choose which of these styles will best suit your brand image and budget. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance since we use LED lighting, which has less energy consumption and reduced negative impact on the environment.

Illuminated channel letters and dimensional letters are perfect for businesses that need visibility from day or night, including convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, malls, bars, diners, and theaters.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Ventress Channel Letters sign company 1 300x146From your storefront to your lobby, you can give your building a professional, attractive look that will impress your target market. With our high-quality, customized Ventress channel letters and dimensional letters, you will have long-lasting signage that will make your establishment more inviting to potential customers.

Whether you need 24/7 advertising or 3D signage that will allow you to outshine your competitors anytime you want, look into your vast customization options with the help of our signage experts. Rest assured, you will have a business sign that will increase your visibility and, eventually, customer traffic and average ticket.

Call Louisiana Sign Company today at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Ventress Channel Letter expert!