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Compared to public ads, sending direct mails to your potential customers has a higher return on investment. Receiving compelling marketing materials specifically addressed to prospects will make them more inclined to check your business out.

Jacksonville Direct Mail Jacksonville Direct Mail 300x210That is why at Louisiana Sign Company, we also offer our professional Addis direct mail service on top of our trusted printing expertise. Everything you need to launch a successful direct mail campaign will be handled by our team, such as designing, printing, binding, and sending your marketing materials.

We will ensure that your mail will be eye-catching, starting from attractive envelopes to persuasive marketing tools. Whether you want informational graphics, advertising printables, or promotional items to be included in your mail, we can put together everything in the most high-impact way possible.

More importantly, we will also help you in identifying mail recipients who are more likely to become your business patrons. Talk to our direct mailing experts today and start planning how you can improve your customer engagement.

Call Louisiana Sign Company at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Addis Direct Mail expert!

Direct Mailing Products

As a trusted provider of Addis, LA direct mail service, we don’t just settle for successful mail delivery. Instead, we make sure that your recipients will be attracted to your mail, open it, and respond to your call to action—whether you want them to purchase a product, visit your location, sign up for a membership, or set an appointment.

Jacksonville Direct Mail Direct Mailing Products 300x200We can make this possible by dedicating our graphic designing expertise to customizing your direct mailing products, which could be a single comprehensive material where you emphasize your best selling point or a combination of several marketing tools that are made more compelling with a quality promotional item.

Included in the products you can incorporate in your direct mail campaign are:

1. Brochures

2. Catalogs

3. Postcards

4. Sales letters

5. Newsletters

6. Political mail

7. Flyers

8. Promotional items (custom apparel, custom notepads, calendars, and other small items)

For maximum attraction, you can also choose oversized, colored, or textured envelopes for your mail. This way, there’s little to no chance that your recipients will overlook or just throw your mail away.

Direct Mail Targeting

Through direct mailing, you can send persuasive promotional materials straight to the homes of potential customers. This can give you a higher conversion rate, but only if you’ve identified the right mail recipients. The good news is, Louisiana Sign Company can help you do this with efficiency.

Jacksonville Direct Mail direct mail 1 300x200Our Addis direct mail service is made better with the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program of the US Postal Service. This is a good avenue to creating a solid mailing list where recipients are not only interested in what you offer but also reside near enough to actually visit your location and complete a transaction.

More importantly, EDDM is a program ideal for start-up or medium-sized businesses with the lower postal rate that it offers. However, if you don’t like to utilize the program, our direct mail experts can still help you sort out a good mailing list by referring to your current list of customers and other existing information.

Full-Service Print Shop

For a direct mail campaign that optimizes your marketing investment, Louisiana Sign Company is the full-service print shop you can trust. Every step in the process will be done accurately in our local shop, completed by professional graphic designers and printing experts.

Jacksonville Direct Mail commercial printing near me client 300x225Alongside our direct mail services, our team also designs, copies, binds, and prints all types of printed material that you use for personal and commercial needs. However, if you want to focus on direct mailing in the meantime, the following services are included in what we offer:

1. Folding

2. Inserting

3. Collating

4. Gathering

5. Sealing

6. Labeling

7. ZIP code sorting

8. Standard/bulk mail

9. Delivery to post office

10. Database management

If you choose to work with Louisiana Sign Company, we will ensure that your marketing materials and mail appearance will be crafted exactly the way you want. We will accurately use your brand elements and choose the materials that fit your budget without compromising their beauty.

Let’s Talk – Free Direct Mailing Consultation

Addis Direct Mail louisiana logoIf done right, your direct mail campaign will increase your daily traffic and gain you more business patrons in the long run. However, you need the right printing company to ensure that your investment will see a great return.

Fortunately, at our Addis print company, our staff is fully equipped with all the necessary materials and has gained adequate skills to launch a direct mail campaign as effectively as possible.

Contact us today, and we can help you iron out the details for your successful marketing effort. From deciding which promotional tools will be most compelling to creating a mailing list with people who will most likely become a client, our team guarantees a worthwhile direct mailing service.

Call Louisiana Sign Company at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Addis, LA Direct Mail expert!