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Holden Outdoor Signs


As a business owner, outdoor signs should be one of your largest investments. These signs can help you introduce your brand to the public and get them interested in you and your offerings. But who can you trust to build the right outdoor signs for your business? Louisiana Sign Company is the Holden sign company to contact for your outdoor sign needs.

custom lighted signs

Outdoor signs come in several types: storefront signs, channel letters, outdoor banners, window displays, and pole or pylon signs. You can request one of these types for your business, but it is recommended that you combine multiple outdoor sign types to get the most impressions and promote your brand effectively. The consistency of the design and its placement will also give customers a reason to see your brand as a trustworthy one that they can do business with.

When we make Holden outdoor signs for any client, we ensure that your requirements are met when we design, manufacture, and install your outdoor signs. Even if you are on a budget, we guarantee that you will get high-quality outdoor signs that can help you achieve your goals perfectly. We believe that everyone deserves to have high-quality outdoor signs to help their businesses grow, and we will be with you throughout your sign project.

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Storefront & Building Signs

When it comes to outdoor signs, the most popular types are definitely storefront and building signs.

custom outdoor building signs

Storefront signs are used to let customers know that there is a business in the area and what the brand is all about. These signs can be customized to suit the brand, but several factors must be taken into account to make sure it is effective, such as their size, style, and placement. Building signs, meanwhile, provide additional information for customers regarding the business, such as the available products and services.

At Louisiana Sign Company, we will listen to your needs and learn more about your business to determine how these storefront and building signs can be designed. We will also visit your location to determine the best placement and the competition near your location for the design and know what signs should also be created to increase your business visibility and bring in traffic.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Channel and dimensional letters are the outdoor signs preferred by industries who are looking for highly-customizable signs but don’t use a lot of space. These signs are also available in various finishes that blend perfectly in the storefront and act as its extension. For these signs, you use a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and images to promote your brand.

custom dimensional signsWhen we get your request for either channel letters or dimensional letters, we will tailor it to match your business and brand. We can modify the channel and dimensional letters in terms of their font, colors, and placement. You can also trust us to provide you with expert recommendations so that you can get the right type of channel or dimensional letters for your business. We will also make sure that once installed, these signs are easy to read and notice even from a distance.

Channel and dimensional letters work well for any business and industry. It is also highly customizable to fit any brand.

Lighted Signs

There are businesses that operate even at night to provide products and services to their clients. As a result, they will need signs that are also visible at night in order to call in customers and let them know you are open for business. To solve this problem, you need to utilize lighted signs for your business.

custom lighted storefrontLighted signs are available in various types, from cabinet signs, backlit signs to digital displays or message boards. We can even create neon-lighted signs using LED lights so you can get neon signs without using a lot of electricity and spending a lot for maintenance and replacement if they get damaged.

Lighted signs are perfect for businesses with night-time operations like nightclubs, theaters, comedy clubs, restaurants, bars, gas stations, and retail stores. It can also be used by businesses that require extra visibility, especially if they are in areas that experience harsh weather.

Custom Sign Panels

Our Holden outdoor signs team can also make custom sign panels for your business using a wide selection of materials.

custom storefront sign panelThese signs are solid panels that are installed directly on the storefront. The information you can showcase in this panel can either be all the key information you want people to know about the business or simply your business name. It can also have full-color designs if you want it to be eye-catching. Many startups and small businesses opt for this type of outdoor sign because it is very flexible to use and very cheap.

Sign panels can be made from cut vinyl which is then attached to a metal plate, or have a lightbox component with an acrylic panel and translucent print layers. We can look into your business and your sign requirements to determine how these panels can be designed. You can also get sign panels of any size to work for other applications.

Sign panels are ideal for small businesses, repair or service centers, manufacturing plants, and other businesses that require functional and unique storefront signs.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning signDo you want to have a sign that will not only promote your brand but also give customers extra service? Canopy and awning signs are your best option.

Canopy and awning signs are made from stretched canvas which can be printed on with your business logo, slogan, and messaging.

When installed in your business’ entrances and windows, it can promote your brand well, while the overhang it creates can serve as a shelter from the elements.

Canopy and awning signs are often used for boutiques, salons, jewelry shops, galleries, hotels, specialty shops, and shopping centers. It is also perfect for businesses looking for a uniform display.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are perfect if you want to build a striking impression on your clients and employees before they enter your premises.

custom foam monument signThese signs are made from durable material that can either be etched or fitted with elements such as lettering, electronic message centers, and others to display business information.

For monument signs, we at Louisiana Sign Company can combine various elements to create your ideal monument sign that would fit your branding and location. You can also request a custom monument sign that does not conform to traditional styles from our team.

Monument signs are often installed at the entrance of corporate offices, government facilities, educational facilities, manufacturing plants, resorts, churches, and membership clubs.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Want a sign that will boost your visibility, especially from a distance?

custom digital pole signPole, pylon, and tenant signs are the best options to achieve this goal and bring in the traffic your business needs while also reinforcing your brand.

As their name implies, these signs are large and towering, making it easier for them to catch a wider audience. These are also the sign options to consider for businesses that do not have a road front or are located away from the road or interstate. Depending on your needs, these signs come in various setups and heights.

Pole, pylon, or tenant signs are a great investment for businesses, especially for shopping centers, fast food chains, gas stations, and businesses that are looking for a way to be visible despite their location.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

Outdoor signs are crucial in ensuring that your business is known by all and improving how they see your brand.

Holden Outdoor Signs Real Estate Site Sign 300x249Louisiana Sign Company can provide you with effective outdoor signs that you can use for any application, whether as a promotional sign, wayfinding sign, or brand identification sign. Simply let our team know what you are looking for, and we’ll develop the perfect outdoor sign to match your needs.

We can make any type of outdoor sign imaginable, from storefront signs to pole and pylon signs. We are ready to personalize them to your specifications and even make the appropriate indoor signs to make your messaging cohesive throughout the facility.

Some of the outdoor signs we can make include:

Is the outdoor sign you want not on this list? Don’t worry! These are just the most popular outdoor signs we often make. We can do custom designs for your outdoor signs and supporting signs you can use indoors and even on your company vehicle. Our sign experts are ready to make your vision a reality!

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Whether you ask us to make personalized Holden outdoor signs or other signs to complement your entire setup, Louisiana Sign Company can deliver.

custom outdoor dimensional signsWe are very proud to offer a full sign service to any client who reaches out to us regardless of their industry, business size, design requirements, and budget. This means that you don’t have to reach out to another company to complete the entire sign project for you and it allows us to keep our rates affordable for all.

We have teams ready to handle every step of the project, from graphic designers to conceptualize your design and recommend the best options, manufacturers who will make the actual signs, installers who will get the signs up in their right location to maintenance teams who will help you maintain these signs and get them repaired if needed.

When we receive your request, we will take our time to get to know you and your business and find out everything we need to know about your sign request. This will allow us to develop a draft that we believe works best for your needs and match your specifications. We make sure that we get your approval before we proceed to the next step because we want you to get the signs you dreamed of with our team’s assistance. We will also explain why we recommend certain styles, designs, and setups and how they will help you achieve your goals. You can also give us your existing design for upgrades, so it works perfectly to your specifications.

Once we have the design approved, our team will start manufacturing the sign in-house to ensure it has everything you requested. Each piece will be inspected before it is handed to our installers. When everything is ready, our installers will go to your location with the signs and get it set up securely and safely in the best spot where it will be seen clearly by your target audience. If you need maintenance assistance and repairs, simply contact us if you need these services, and we will have one of our maintenance teams go to your location as fast as possible.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Holden Outdoor Signs louisiana logoIf you want to bring in traffic and attention to your business, you must commission eye-catching and effective outdoor signs to catch your target audience. At Louisiana Sign Company, we focus on creating outdoor signs that help your clients know who you are and attract them to check what you have to offer. We are ready to take on any signage request and provide you with the best assistance possible to deliver the best outdoor signs your business deserves.

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