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Do you want your employees to feel confident about themselves and the brand they are working for? Are you looking for a way to encourage your customers to show their loyalty to your brand and help them become a part of your brand’s growth? Looking for a great way to show your appreciation to your employees? Whichever your situation is, you should consider getting personalized apparel printed with your branding with the help of Louisiana Sign Company.

Slaughter Apparel Printing Dats Cajun DTG Print 300x228Having a branded work uniform, company merchandise, and promotional apparel can do wonders for your brand’s growth. First, it inspires confidence and trust in the brand, especially from your workers representing you daily and your devout customers. Second, it is a great way to expand your promotional campaign. It can help other people who see the printed apparel become familiar with your brand and slowly become curious about it. Finally, it is also very practical to give to customers (if it will be used for giveaways and promotional events) since it can be used daily.

Louisiana Sign Company’s Slaughter apparel printing team can help you get your designs printed on any type of apparel you may want to use for any purpose. Rest assured that we will use only the best materials for your apparel printing request so they can last a long time, and they will definitely stand out from other apparel used by your competitors.

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T-Shirt Printing

The most popular option for our apparel printing service is T-shirt printing, which can either be screen printed or embroidered. It is often requested for employee uniforms, apparel merchandise, giveaways, and souvenirs.

Slaughter Apparel Printing Layla DTG Print scaled 1 178x300When in use, these branded or printed T-shirts can help improve how people see your brand and boost the morale of your team since they feel they are a part of the company. It can also inspire confidence that they are partnered with or working for a brand they believe in.

All the T-shirt printing requests we receive are tailored specifically to the clients who request them. We use premium T-shirts to serve as the base for the print and long-lasting ink (or industry-grade thread if requesting embroidered prints) for the design. This guarantees that the T-shirt prints will not wear off easily even with constant washing and use. We can also handle complex designs for your T-shirt prints and get them delivered on time.

Embroidered Logos

Although screen prints are the most popular apparel printing option, they will still fade over time from constant washing, chemical exposure, and use.

Fortunately, you can get your apparel embroidered prints with our apparel printing team. We have state-of-the-art embroidery machines that can embroider any design to any fabric or textile found in your apparel. Once it is printed on, the embroidered design will stay in place and not fade easily. It will also not fray even through constant use.

We recommend embroidered apparel because it presents a classic yet professional image once it is worn or used. It also creates a positive impression about the brand and fosters brand loyalty.

Promotional Items Printing

Our apparel printing service also works well for promotional items since T-shirts, and other apparel are must-have promotional items for any business or personal event. When they are in use, these promotional items can help promote your brand to people as your recipients use them and help them recall your brand faster than before. Some of the events where these promotional items can be distributed include promotional campaigns, business events, and even added as a bonus for certain purchases.

Slaughter Apparel Printing AHS Player Package 300x272Whichever promotional items you want us to print on, we have the team, equipment, and substrates ready so we can finish your request quickly and without compromise. We can even help you pick the best promotional items, their designs, and how to distribute them to achieve your business goals. If you have existing designs, we can update them for you with no problem at all.

Here are some of the promotional items we can print for you:

  1. Apparel (shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc.)
  2. Drinkware (bottles, mugs, flasks, etc.)
  3. Hand sanitizers
  4. Facemasks
  5. Office supplies (journals, planners, pens, sticky notes, etc.)

Are you in a hurry to get your promotional items or on a budget? Our team is very flexible and open to negotiations to get your project rolling and still produce fantastic results on the prints we make. We guarantee that they will work as intended and last a long time, even if it is done in a rush or on a budget.

Custom Apparel and Sportwear Printer Near Me

Is the printed apparel you plan to use or sell to be used for sporting events? Or do you need custom apparel prints for your business? You can partner with our Slaughter apparel printing experts to avail yourself of the best sportswear and custom apparel for your needs.

Jacksonville Apparel Printing Embroidered Logos 300x200For sportswear, we can custom print on any type of sports apparel – from tees, joggers, and shoes to sports-related accessories. We can help you conceptualize the best sportswear design for your clients and get them printed accurately in the apparel itself. Our sportswear printing experts will ensure that the client’s brand is taken into account during the design process and placed in key areas for the intended effect. If you have an existing design for us to use for your sportswear printing request, we can update it to achieve the look you want people to see.

We ensure that the sports apparel we use as the base for your sportswear printing request is comfortable and durable. We partner with great apparel suppliers to get premium-grade apparel for our clients. If your request is custom apparel, we also pay careful attention to detail so your request will be seen in your apparel once we are done printing on it.

T-Shirt and Apparel Printing Company

Are you looking for an affordable printing service that can help you get high-quality T-shirt and apparel prints? Louisiana Sign Company has the team, equipment, materials, and experience ready to fulfill your orders whenever you need them. We can either do screen prints, digital prints, or embroidery prints on your chosen apparel textile so that your chosen design is printed perfectly and lasts a long time.

Jacksonville Apparel Printing screen printing apparel printing cnWhen you sign up with us, we guarantee that you will receive high-quality apparel that will not wear down easily even after heavy use and constant washing. We use long-lasting ink for screen prints and durable threads for embroidery prints. We are also very flexible when it comes to working within a budget because we know how well these prints will fare once they are in use. Rest assured that our apparel printing experts will always be on standby to guide you through your printing request and give you branded apparel that will help you stand out.

Full-Service Printing Company

Louisiana Sign Company is considered one of the best Slaughter printing companies for its capability to provide personalized printing services to any client. Our printing and mailing services are available for any business regardless of their industry, design requirements, and budget, as well as individuals looking for high-quality prints for personal events. It is our aim to give each customer high-quality prints at any time and make sure they are 100% satisfied with both our prints and service.

Jacksonville Apparel Printing Promotional Items Printing 1 300x300For our Slaughter apparel printing service, we will take note of all the things you need to see in the prints and provide recommendations you may want to consider. Once we get your ideas, the information we need to know about your business goals and design requirements, and your budget, we will then create a draft design for your consideration. If there is something missing or wrong in the design, we can easily edit it, and we won’t stop editing the design until we meet your exact vision.

Aside from apparel printing, we can also do the following prints at Louisiana Sign Company:

1. Large-format banner printing

2. Digital printing

3. Graphic design

4. Business cards

5. Brochures

6. Mugs

7. Mouse Pads

8. Desk Mats

9. Door Mats

10. Stickers

Did we miss the substrate you want to use for your print request? Don’t worry! This is just a shortlist of what we offer. Simply contact us to let our team know what you are looking for, and we’ll see what we can do. We are also open to doing custom prints to meet your innovative ideas.

Free Consultation Today

Slaughter Apparel Printing louisiana logoHaving well-made branded apparel that your employees and clientele can use proudly can change the game in how you present your brand to the rest of the community.

If you don’t have one for your brand or if the ones you are using don’t work as well as others, Louisiana Sign Company is here to help you get the best apparel printing service your brand deserves, no matter what your budget is or what you require in this merchandise. With us as your printing partner, we guarantee that you will get printed apparel that will make your team feel that they’re a part of the company and give your customers more reasons to stay loyal to your brand. We have a free consultation service available to answer more questions about your printing request and get you started!

Call Louisiana Sign Company at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Slaughter Apparel Printing expert!