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Monument Signs
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Blanks Monument Signs


For your business to see a significant increase in sales and engagement, invest in impressive outdoor signage for maximum attraction. One of the most trusted signage types for this purpose is monument signs, ensuring a good first impression and consistent appeal to potential new customers.

custom foam monument sign

Our customized Blanks monument signs at Louisiana Sign Company will be designed and manufactured in our local shop before being installed by our professional installation team. We will ensure that the sign you’ll get will meet your visibility and branding needs and fit your budget.

We will utilize durable materials to realize the attractive design you will approve prior to the fabrication. Our signage experts will then help you choose the most strategic place to install your sign to make your entrance more appealing, allowing your monument sign to display important business details and act as a landmark.

Whether for stand-alone business establishments or multi-tenant commercial buildings, our monument signs will be a long-lasting marketing investment that you won’t regret.

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An Impressive Entrance

If you don’t have a highly noticeable entrance, your potential customers may miss your location and never even have the chance to check your business out. And if you did gain their attention, but your signage doesn’t look professional or appealing, there’s a great chance that they’ll just go to your competitor with a better storefront sign that promises a good customer experience.

custom monument signSo at Louisiana Sign Company, we make sure that the Blanks, LA monument signs that we provide will make a showstopping, long-lasting entrance. You can choose from different materials to better suit your style preference, branding, and budget. Your choices include stone, concrete, brick, marble, and aluminum.

Additionally, the details you want your monument sign to have can be etched or carved onto the concrete or any material you choose for a traditional, elegant look. You can also opt for a digital panel to give your sign a more modern appeal. Or, if you want an impressive entrance 24/7 or during night time, we can incorporate LED lighting into your monument sign or utilize exterior lighting like your landscape spotlights.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Aside from stand-alone businesses, multi-tenant buildings will also see great benefits from monument signs.

Tenant Monument SignWe can fabricate and install it for you by the roadside, telling people what businesses or offices are located inside your building. This will give all your tenants equal exposure, even those renting the innermost part of your building.

Multi-tenant monument signs are ideal for industrial parks, office buildings, and malls. We usually recommend using them with lightboxes so your business will have 24/7 advertising and remain visible at night or during days with gloomy weather. You can also opt for digital displays, so you will not only look modern, but you will also be able to use rotating messages or animations.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Yes, there are cheaper storefront signs and banners that you can simply hang to make your business recognizable.

Custom Monument SignBut if you want something that will catch as much attention as possible for the longest time you need, investing in our Blanks monument signs is worth it. We offer them at reasonable prices with guaranteed durability and appeal.

No matter what budget range you currently have, we can customize a monument sign that will specifically match what you’re willing to pay. We will come up with an initial design where the type and size of your signage material will fit your budget and branding image. Once you approve the overall plan and design, we can then fabricate, deliver, and install your signage in the most time- and cost-efficient way manageable.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Blanks Monument Signs louisiana logoGiving your entrance an eye-catching storefront sign will do wonders in outshining your competitors and increasing your daily sales and customer engagements. And if your actual building entrance is still several meters off the highway, installing our Blanks monument sign can be the perfect way to make more people interested in doing business with you.

Build with sturdy, weather-proof materials; our monument signs are guaranteed to give you a highly noticeable landmark for as long as you need. Complete it with all your important business details and impress as many customers/clients as you want!

Call Louisiana Sign Company today at (337) 282-7073 for your Free Consultation with a Blanks Monument Sign expert!